Genealogy spreadsheets to record, preserve, and archive research data

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When you buy both CensusTools and Your Story or two of either product, you get 30% off of both items! (Add-ons such as the 1950 census are excluded from discounts.)

No coupon code is needed - the shopping cart will reflect the discount automatically. If you would prefer, you can buy two of either product instead - the discount applies no matter which product you choose as long as you purchase two or more.

This is a great opportunity to get a discounted copy of Your Story for each of your parents, or for yourself and a friend or spouse. If you are a professional genealogist, you can use the discount to get yourself a copy of CensusTools and a copy for a client, or buy two at a time for future clients. For more about our policy for professionals who wish to share the files, see our FAQ.

Your Story

A 54 page workbook with questions designed to prompt memories, record stories, and leave a legacy.

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